About RADE Tools

This page provides an overview of the RADE tools that can be used when working with the directories structure. For more information about these tools, see the RADE tools documentation available in the CAA V5 Encyclopedia.

Applications created using Knowledge workbenches can be managed using the RADE tools (Rapid Application Development Environment). To be managed properly using these tools, applications components (Icons, CATfct, and so on) must be organized in a directories structure, called a "framework structure". The products that can be used are:

MultiWorkspace Application Builder - mkmk (MAB) Tool allowing you to build C++ applications. You have to:
  • Create a CAA code that will be used to introduce new BKT code or new Knowledge user functions
  • Build a workspace on a CATIA official release
  • Compile this code to generate the right runtime dll in the runtime view of the workspace
  • Fill the workspace build time view with framework data.
Source Code Manager (SCM) Tool managing the evolutions of applications, and offering collaborative and vaulting capabilities to the Knowledge applications and enabling you to:
  • Build a hierarchy of workspaces with promotion and synchronization capabilities
  • Check in and out each object managed in MAB, including Knowledge resources to manage concurrent access.
C++ Unit Test Manager (CUT) Tool allowing you to define and replay test cases, including C++ test cases, or macros.
Interactive Test Capture (ITC) Tool allowing you to record user scenarios and to replay them.
C++ Interactive Capture (CID) Tool providing a Microsoft .NET plug-in designed to gather all MAB, SCM, and CUT functionalities in an interactive environment. (Available only under Microsoft Windows XP or 2000.)