Interactively Adding a Row To a Design Table External File  


The task described below explains how to add a row to a design table external file. The scenario is divided into the following steps:
  • You open the CATPart file and inserts the design table
  • You deactivate the design table and creates a new configuration
  • You add the configuration to the design table external file
  • You activate the design table and implements the new configuration
This function enables you to add a contextual menu to design table feature (in the tree) which appears only:
  • If the design table is deactivated
  • If the design table external file exists and is read/write
  • If at least one parameter is associated.

The behavior of this command is to add a row at the end of the design table file with associated parameters values. For not associated columns, an empty cell is added.

To perform this scenario, you will need the following files:
Note that this task can only be performed in an english environment.
Before performing this scenario, make sure With value and With formula are checked in the Tools>Options>General>Parameters and Measure>Knowledge tab.

  1. Open the KwrAddARow.CATPart file. The following image is displayed.

  1. Click the Design Table icon ().

  2. Select Create a design table from a pre-existing file and click OK.

  3. In the opening File Selection window, select the KwrAddARow.xls file and click Open.

  4. Click Yes in the Automatic associations window: The design table opens. Click OK to close it.

  5. Click the Asynchronous Relations Update icon to update Formula.1.

  6. Under the Design Tables node, double-click Configuration=1. The Edit Parameter dialog box is displayed.

  7. Click the Design table icon in the Edit Parameter dialog box: The Design Table window is displayed.

  8. In the dialog box, select the second configuration (line 2), click Apply, and OK twice.

  9. Right-click Formula.1 in the specification tree and select Local Update.

  10. In the Specification tree, right-click DesignTable.1 and select DesignTable.1 object>Deactivate. The design table is deactivated.

  11. Modify the spline:

  • Double-click Point.1 twice in the specification tree or in the Geometry. Enter the coordinates indicated below into the Point Definition dialog box.
  • Modify the coordinates of Point.2 and Point.3 (see table opposite)
  Point 1 Point 2 Point 3
X 0 100 50
Y 0 100 50
Z 0 -100 -226
  • Click OK when done.
  1. Add the new configuration to the design table. To do so, right-click DesignTable.1 in the specification tree and select DesignTable.1 object>Add row with current values.

  1. Right-click DesignTable.1 and select DesignTable.1 object>Activate.

  2. Double-click Configuration=1 under DesignTable.1 and click the Design Table icon ().

  3. In the DesignTable.1 window select the configuration that you have just added and click Apply and OK twice. The spline is updated accordingly.