Referring to External Parameters in a Formula  

This scenario shows how to use external parameters in a formula.
In a formula, you can use parameters defined in external documents. This works between any types of document. For example, in a CATPart document, you can specify a formula referring to parameters defined in a CATDrafting document. External parameters can also be used when working within an assembly.
Before performing this scenario, make sure that the Keep link with selected object option is checked (Tools>Options...>Infrastructure>Part Infrastructure>General).
  1. Open the KwrStartDocument.CATPart document as well as the  KwrImportParameter.CATPart document. Select Window>Tile Vertically from the standard menu bar to display both documents.

  2. Make active the KwrImportParameter document. Click the  icon to display the f(x) dialog box.

  3. Create a parameter of Length type and click Add Formula. The formula editor is displayed.

  4. In the KwrStartDocument specification tree, select the Hole.1 feature. The External parameter selection dialog box is displayed.

  1. In the External parameter selection dialog box, select the Diameter object from the external parameter list. Then click OK. The Length.1 definition is carried forward to the formula editor. (Click the picture below to enlarge it.)

  1. Complete the formula definition as indicated  below:
    Length.1 = `External Parameters\Diameter` *0.65

  2. Click OK in the formula editor. You are back to the Formula dialog box. From the parameter list, the Length.1 parameter value is modified according to the formula specified. In the KwrImportParameter specification tree, the External Parameters node is added. Expand this node to display the Diameter parameter.

  1. Click OK to add the formula to the KwrImportParameter.CATPart document and exit the dialog.

  2. Select Edit>Links from the standard menu bar. The displayed dialog box confirms that there is a link between the  KwrImportParameter\Length.1 object and the KwrStartDocument\PartBody\Hole.1\Diameter object.

  3. Click Isolate in the Links dialog box, then click OK. In the KwrImportParameter.CATPart specification tree, the External Parameters node can no longer be expanded and the Diameter parameter is added below the Parameters node.

  1. Select Edit>Links from the standard menu bar. A message box informs you that the active document has no external links.