Setting Up the Catalog Browser

V5 provides a library of data about standard robots.  This data can be re-used.  In order to access the robot library, the catalog browser must be configured with a directory path that indicates the location where the robot library catalogs have been installed. 

This procedure describes the process for configuring the catalog browser.

Once you have completed this procedure, you will be ready to use the robot catalog.


To use the catalogs, you must have access to a library.  Possible sources of libraries include:
  • the Standard Robot Library product (which is an add-on to this product's configurations)
  • another custom-developed robot library
  • a device library.

  1. Click Open Catalog.

    The first time the Catalog Browser is opened after installation, it does not list any available robots (as shown below), because the path to the robot library catalogs has not yet been declared, and no catalog has been opened.
  2. Click on the Open Directory button.

    The File Selection dialog box appears.
  3. Navigate to the folder location where the robot library catalogs have been installed.

    The default robot library installation folder, relative to the V5 startup directory, is:


    If the robot library has been installed to a different (non-default) location, use the above dialog box to indicate the proper installation location.

     In most cases, this will be the file titled Robotlib.catalog.
  4. Once you have navigated to the proper directory, select the desired catalog file.

    The catalog you select is the one the Catalog Browser opens each time you click Open Catalog.

The above procedure can be performed as many times as is needed to open different catalogs (when necessary). After the path has been set, the Catalog Browser opens the catalog that was most recently accessed. In addition, the Catalog Browser keeps a record of the last five catalogs that have been opened.

Setting the path to point to the Robotlib.catalog file causes the robot library to open a master catalog, which itself points to a series of other catalogs: one for each robot manufacturer. When Robotlib.catalog is used, all other catalogs are accessible from the catalog browser.
This procedure can also be used to configure the catalog browser so that it always opens the catalog for a specific manufacturer, rather than the master catalog. To do so, select the catalog for the manufacturer (i.e., manufacturer_name.catalog) instead of Robotlib.catalog.