Defining the Occupant Posture Prediction  


  New Occupant Posture Prediction is only available with a Vehicle Occupant Accommodation product license.
This task describes how to position a manikin or more manikins using New Occupant Posture Prediction .
The project must have a Package.

  1. From the Vehicle Occupant Accommodation toolbar, click New Occupant Posture Prediction .
    The Occupant Posture Prediction Definition dialog box appears.
    The command prompt requests a manikin (or more manikins) and a package. 

  2. Select the required manikin(s) and the package.  (To select more than a manikin, press Ctrl while selecting.)
    One mankin:
    Multiple manikins:

  3. Select the posture prediction method to be used for positioning the manikin(s).

  4. Click OK.
    The manikin(s) are positioned using the selected posture prediction method and related to the selected package.  A node is added under the Occupant Posture Prediction node. Also an green circle indicator is shown for each positioned manikin at the level of the front head of the manikin.