Using the Simulation Command

This procedure explains how to record a simulation.
Open the Simulation_sample.CATProduct file in the samples directory.

  1. Select the Simulation in the Manikin Simulation toolbar.

  2. The Select panel appears listing all items in the specification tree that can be used in a simulation.

    Select the manikin, Bill.

  3. The Edit Simulation dialog box appears. Accept the default name or rename your simulation as desired.

  4. For this simulation, you will use postures that have been saved in the Human Library. 

  5. Select the Load manikin's attributes from a catalog from the Manikin Tools toolbar.

  6. Select the ManikinCatalog.catalog file as shown below.


  7. The Load a description from a Human Catalog dialog box appears. In the left-hand frame, double-click on ManikinFamily.


  8. In the specification tree, select Bill and then, in the dialog box, scroll over and double-click on Grasp_Cube.


  9. All of the attributes for this catalog entry are applied to Bill.

  10. Close the dialog box. The Edit Simulation dialog box reappears.

  11. In the Edit Simulation dialog box, select .

  12. Posture1 has been inserted.

  13. Again, open another catalog, the Simulation library.Catalog and load Posture2.

  14. Insert Posture2 into the simulation.

  15. Repeat the steps until all of the postures have been inserted into the simulation.

  16. The Edit Simulation dialog box indicates the insertions have been made.


  17. The Simulation appears in the specification tree under Applications.

  18. Use the VCR-like buttons in the dialog box to check your simulation.

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