Reporting Capabilities - Carry analysis

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This produces comprehensive report files from the manikin specifications. This will gather the results of the various analyses found in the Human workbenches including an analysis of the manikin's vision.

The Carry analysis input parameters:
  • Guideline
  • 1 carry every (frequency)
  • Distance of carry
  • Population Sample
In the Human Builder workbench, a report has been set up for the Push-Pull analysis.

  1. In the Human Activity Analysis workbench, select the Carry analysis from the Ergonomics toolbar,

  2. Select the Manikin, and the Carry dialog box appears.

  3. Select the Guideline, and the Specifications, required, and Close the dialog box.

  4. Return to the Human Builder workbench and select Update

  5. Using the explorer, locate, and open the file.