Reporting Capabilities- Log File HTML Format

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The purpose of this functionality is to produce comprehensive report files from the manikin specifications. This will gather the results of the various analyses found in the Human workbenches including an analysis of the manikin's vision.

This file presents the same characteristics as a text log file, that is, each analysis is outputted on a separate row, and the data is spread in the form of various data fields, each table cell corresponding to one or several fields.

  1. Select the Inserts a new Report.  

  2. Select the manikin the new object will belong to.  Once the manikin is selected, the Report Definition dialog box appears.

  3. Select the File... button. The File Selection Dialog box appears.  Using the Drop-Down menu, select the Files of type: , Html Files(*.html),  type in a File name, and Open


  4.  This changes the Output File window to save the data as a Html file.


  5. Select the types of analysis, and the results of the sample html log file for the different types of analysis will look like:


    A html log file contains some special fields that are impossible to display in text.  For instance, the RULA analysis row contains an additional cell, which serves to display the color associated to the numerical result of the RULA analysis.  Likewise, the rows for the constraint results contain a cell that is colored in the same fashion.