Reporting Capabilities  

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This functionality produces comprehensive report files from specifications. This gathers the results of the various analyses found in the Human workbenches including an analysis of the manikin's vision.

The general concept for the reporting capabilities is the report object that is capable of extracting output information from the different ergonomic analyses, and dumping this information into a formatted text or html file.

This creates and customizes one or several report objects, and activate/deactivates those at any given point in time.  Each report object is assigned to a specific manikin and associated to an output file (the log).  The updating  of these logs can be activated by using the Update  command for Human Builder. For Human Task Simulation, activate the Update Analyses During Simulation, in the Tools > Options > Ergonomics > Human Task Simulation > General tab.
If required to do repetitive positions, you are able to enter a custom label at updating by activating the Enable custom label at update in the Tools > Options > Ergonomics > Human  Builder> General tab.

Here is a example of a RULA Report.

There is also a Vision analysis in the list of possible reports on the manikin.  This report contains the length of the line of sight (focal distance) and the snapshot (image) of the manikin's vision window.

The benefits that allow you to save the outputs of human static analyses into formatted text files are:

  • The analysis results can be consulted more efficiently, and individual results can easily be compared together.
  • The resulting files can easily be processed and reformatted (in Microsoft Excel for example), in order to be presented in a different context (management report, web page, snapshots for presentations).
  • With the report objects, it is possible to run ergonomic analyses without opening the corresponding panels and without switching workbenches (all analyses are done in the background).
  • Ergonomic problems can be identified more quickly and easily, and corrective actions can be taken earlier.
  • With the Vision analysis, you will get a image of the vision of a specific manikin at a certain moment in time. This will allow you to enhance their analysis capability and therefore help validate that the manikin is positioned in the right places to view their environment correctly. In the list of possible reports, you will have an item Vision Analysis.  This report consists of the value of the line of sight and the image of the manikin's vision window.

Select the workbench for the Reporting Procedures:

  • Human Builder

  • Human Task Simulation
    A specific analysis in this workbench will be selectable for activation only if the proper product license check succeeds for this analysis, and the workbench is available.