Manikin Attribute Organization

A node for each manikin attribute is displayed under three main sections in the PPR tree.



  • Note that the Spine node is made up of a Lumbar node and a Thoracic node, not individual vertebra segments
  • The Line of sight node is located under the Body section.


This section contains all general (not specific to a segment) attributes intrinsic to the manikin.


This section contains the attributes used for setting the manikin in its environment through posturing and positioning.

Using Manikin Attributes

  • Right-click on any individual node or on a manikin node and choose Properties from the contextual menu

    • Individual node:
      View or edit the properties of any attribute.
    • Manikin node:
      Each attribute displayed in the specification tree has a corresponding properties tab in the manikin's properties dialog box. These include Offsets, Angular Limitations, and Preferred Angles.
  • From the PPR tree, select a single attribute or select a combination of attributes (and specific segments, if desired) using the Ctrl key
  • Save manikin attributes within catalogs. These manikin attributes are selected directly from the PPR tree.
  • Cut/Copy/Paste attributes from one manikin to another.
  • Right-click on one node and execute available commands (Reset/Swap/Mirror Copy) for the selected objects (attributes).
    •  Note that the command is applied on all the selected attributes.
    • CAUTION: If body segments are selected alone (no attributes are selected) and a command invoked, the result is exactly as if ALL ATTRIBUTES ARE SELECTED. For example, right-click on the Right Arm node and select the Reset command. The result is that everything applied to the right arm is reset (posture, position, locks, angular limitations, preferred angles).