Positioning objects on an Area Surface

The Plant Layout allows users to quickly layout a manufacturing facility.  One of the objects that Plant Layout can create is an Area which is a solid representation of a floor.  Many positioning tools requires getting some sort of geometric representation for orientation.  For example snapping two objects together, aligning two objects, placing the compass on an object, placing a temporary plane object on the surface.

This makes the Area pickable so it will behave similarly like a Mechanical PAD as far as placing the compass on it and snapping to it.

This allows you to make the displayed Areas pickable by setting the Tools  > Options > AEC Plant > General tab Area Options section highlight the Make areas pickable.
Since the main reason to make the Area pickable is to allow placing the compass on the surface of the area.

  1.  The area representation without the Area Options selected.  Note the origin, in the center of the area.

  2. Select Tools > Options > AEC Plant/General tab, and activate the Make areas pickable.


  3. The origin changes to the surface of the area.

  • With this scenario, looking at the area on edge you will notice that the area has a thickness added above and below the area elevation.  You will also notice that Area2 is thicker than Area1.  The reason Area2 is thicker than Area1 is to show it in a clear blue shade when activated

    If the display option is to make the area pickable, all Area's will be redrawn so that the top of the area will be at the area's elevation.  Below the top of both areas are at Z=0mm.