Using the Place Mode (Z only)

This procedure describes how to use the Place Mode (Z only) . This provides you with an efficient, easy-to-use tool for placing the manikin in the 3D environment, in accordance with the manikin's referential.

Please note that this capability also applies to the Forearm Model.

This  will align the z-coordinate of the manikin’s referential with the object selected. The "auto-snap" feature can also be used with this new command.

The Place Mode (Z only) will only move the manikin in the vertical, direction, that is, following the world z-axis, still in accordance with its referential.

There must be a manikin, and an object in the environment.

  1.  Select the Place Mode (Z only) in the Place Mode toolbar.
    Once the Place Mode is activated, if you manually change the compass position (i.e. handling the compass by grabbing its central red dot), the selected manikin will be snapped at the new compass position, in accordance with the manikin's referential.  This applies to both Place Mode commands.  Any further move of the compass will have an effect on the last selected manikin.

  2. Select the location, which in this scenario, is on top of the red box.

  3. Select the Manikin, and the manikin is placed with its referential position (which is H_Point for this manikin) at z-location of the top of the box.

  4. To de-activate Place Mode (Z only), select the icon a second time.

  • Coordinates of an ‘Area’ object cannot be properly selected. When selecting an area, the manipulator will place the manikin z-coordinate at zero (0).  This restriction, arising from a limitation on the ‘Area’ object itself, only applies to an area; for all other objects, the proper z-coordinate (corresponding to the user’s selection) will be picked.