Using the Place Mode

This procedure describes how to use the Place Mode. This command uses a manikin's referential to snap it to user-defined compass locations.
The existing Place Mode has been enhanced to support the "auto-snap" feature. When the Place Mode is launched, instead of dragging and dropping the compass on an object, the user can directly select a snapping location (as in Fig. 1) for the compass by simply clicking on the object (Fig. 2).
From the samples directory, open the Manikin_on_Floor.CATProduct file. The manikin's referential was set at creation to Left.

  1.  Select Place Mode in the Manikin Posture toolbar.

  2. Place the compass at the desired location on the floor.

  3. Select the manikin in either the specification tree or 3D viewer. The manikin is instantly snapped to the new location and placed in accordance to its referential (left foot).

  4. The manikin respects the position of the compass. Drag the compass; the manikin will follow. Rotate the compass; the manikin rotates.

  5. Re-define the manikin's referential and repeat the steps above.

  • Any further move of the compass will have an effect on the last selected manikin.
  • To de-activate Place Mode, select the Place Mode icon a second time.