Creating a New Catalog

This shows you how to create a new catalog.

Create a new catalog

  1. From the Manikin Tools toolbar, select the Save manikin's attributes in catalog

  2. The Save in Human Catalog dialog box appears.

  3. In the dialog box, select the Browse another catalog

  4. The File Selection dialog box appears.


  5. In the File name: text field, type in the name for your new catalog, and click on the Open button.

  6. The Confirmation dialog box appears.

  7. Select the Yes button. The catalog is created.

The Products and Resources Catalog Browser command , originally found in the Insert menu, has been removed.

A manikin must be regarded as a unique entity. Importing the same manikin more than once in an environment (through the use of a catalog) creates referencing problems, for instance, the two (or several) manikin instances cannot have different postures or different anthropometries, although they may have different positions when saved.

We do not advise the use of catalogs to save and reuse the manikin as a whole. However, we do advise catalogs of manikin properties (posture catalogs, for example), as those kinds of catalogs do not generate instance/reference problems. The lack of catalog browser availability for manikins must be considered as a limitation on the current release. We will be enhancing the catalogs of manikin properties in future releases, so that all manikin properties (posture, anthropometry, angular limitations, etc) can be copied and pasted to and from catalogs.