Adds an Description to an Manikin Object

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This task describes how to create a memo that will be assigned to the manikin.

The Human Measurements Editor enables you to add descriptions of the manikin's anthropometry or of an anthropometric variable. This is a convenient way for you to keep a history on the variables and to determine where, when, and why they have been modified.

  1. In the Manikin Tools toolbar, select the Adds a description to a manikin object icon.

  2. Select the manikin you want to assign a description to. The description window will appear. Write the description in the window and OK. To retrieve the note, select the  button again.


  3. If the description window remains displayed, select a different manikin. The contents of the window will be updated to display the description (if any) assigned to that manikin.

  4. Descriptions can also be created for the vision, the anthropometry, or the posture of the manikin using the Adds a description to a manikin object command. Select the appropriate node in the specification tree (Manikin, Anthropometry, Vision, or Body) and the corresponding description will appear in the text field.