Changing the Manikin Eyes, Mouth, and Hair Color

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Through a dialog window you can change the color of the manikin's appearance.  This dialog window will display a choice of colors for each of the three components. You can change the color of the lips, the eyes iris and the hair/eyelids/eyebrows.

The appearance properties dialog window won't be accessible in Human Measurements Editor workbench.

The modification of the manikin's appearance is possible through a dialog window displaying a selection of colors for each of the components available.  You can access this dialog window two different ways:

  • Directly from the tree's node:  A sub-node called Appearance will be accessible under the existing node, Profiles in the manikin's tree.

    Select Properties in the contextual menu.  The Appearance tab appears in the Properties dialog box. In the Head Details Color, change what is required, and click on OK.

    Using these Detail colors:

  • From the Manikin's Properties panel (right-click on the manikin and select properties).  The panel allowing the color modification will also be available under the Appearance tab of the manikin's Properties dialog box.