Creating Annotations on Part Instances

This task shows you how to create an annotation on a part instance in a product document. This annotation will be applied to product containing the part.
The part instance is considered as geometry and you can apply an annotation to:
  • One part instance.
  • Several part instances.
  • Part instances and set of geometries.
  You can create only non-semantic annotations on part instances: Text, Flag Note, Datum, Datum Target, GD&T, Note Object Attribute and Roughness.
  Part instances must be selected from the specification tree only .
  Annotations in the specification tree are located in the Annotation Set of the active product.
Open a product document.
  1. Double-click the desired product as active product.

  2. Click Text with Leader in Annotations toolbar.

  3. Select the product containing the part instance from the specification tree.
    The annotation is created in the geometry.
    The Annotation Set.1 is created under the active product, the annotation is created in this annotation set.