Instantiating a Protective Covering of Given Length

This scenario explains how to instantiate a protective covering of given length (250mm here) as it is widely used in the industry.

  1. Start the Electrical Harness Assembly workbench.

  2. Click Protective Covering .

    The Instantiate Protective Covering dialog box opens:
  3. Select the catalog then the protective covering you want to instantiate.
    To do so:

    • Click this button and navigate to the catalog, for example:
    • Double-click the protective covering: Part2
      The catalog browser closes and the selected protective covering displays in the upper right corner of the primary window.
  4. Select one or more bundle segments you want to cover:

    The dialog box updates and the protective covering start and end points display in the geometry.
  5. Click OK to validate.

Note: Using this methodology, the covered length indicated in the Protective Covering Information is not correct: it indicates the distance between the Start extremity and the End extremity of the selected bundle segment when the protective covering is applied between the Start extremity and for a length of 250mm (Point.4).