Before You Begin

What is SmartPick ?

SmartPick is a smart and easy-to-use positioning tool that assists you when using most of the commands for creating Sketcher geometrical elements. SmartPick will give you higher productivity by decreasing the number of the interactions necessary for positioning these geometrical elements.

According to the various active options (available via Tools>Options>Sketcher ), you can create the geometrical constraints that are equivalent to the snapping you performed. SmartPick will return information via symbols. To do this, SmartPick uses the four following sources of information:

3D graphic window and SmartPick cursor:
Sketch tools toolbar (coordinates and parameters):
Contextual menu:
Ctrl or Shift keys.

Specifying a Location

Using SmartPick, you will easily specify a location:

  • somewhere on the grid
  • using coordinates
  • on a point
  • at the extremity point of a curve
  • at the midpoint of a line
  • at the center of a circle or an ellipse
  • all over a curve
  • at the intersection point of two curves
  • aligned at a vertical/horizontal position
  • on the fictitious perpendicular line through a line end point
  • any of the above cases possibly combined together, whenever possible.

You will progressively specify this location by providing information using as above mentioned the blue cursor, coordinates, the contextual menu and Shift/Ctrl keys. Of course, as you will specify your needs, you will shorten the scope of the available possibilities for eventually locating the elements as desired.


If you position the cursor outside the zone that is allowed for creating a given element, the symbol appears.