Connecting Curves with an Arc  

This task shows you how to connect two elements of the curve type using an arc.
Open the Connect_Spline.CATPart document.
  1. Click Connect from the Profile toolbar (Spline sub-toolbar).
    The connect options appear in the Sketch tools toolbar. By default, the Connect with a Spline option is active, and its related options are displayed.


  1. Click the Connect with an Arc option .

  2. Select a first element to connect (starting point), and then a second element (ending point).


  • The point on which you click to select the first and the second element is important: the closest point to where you click will be used as the starting point and the end point of the connecting curve. Always click close to the point you want to connect, or click the point itself.
    A connecting arc appears, tangent to both selected elements.


  • You cannot trim nor break conic curves. To workaround this restriction, you can project the conic curve of interest onto another sketch, then trim the projected elements.