Using a Standard Part Contained in a Parametric Standard Part Catalog 

This task explains how to use mechanical parts contained in catalogs delivered with the product. These parts are standard parts.
Dassault Systèmes does not warrant that provided data are compliant with the ISO or EN standards. For further information, please contact the AFNOR organization for ISO or EN standards ( or the ISO organization for ISO standards (
Catalogs containing a limited number of parts compliant with JIS and ANSI standards are available too. 
Five catalog are provided in the Tools > Mechanical Standard Parts menu:
  • EN catalogs
  • ISO catalogs
  • JIS catalogs
  • ASME, ANSI metric catalogs
  • ASME, ANSI inch catalogs
  1. Select Tools > Mechanical Standard Parts > EN catalogs in the specification tree and select Properties... from the contextual menu.


The Catalog Browser dialog box appears.

  1. Double-click to activate the product where the standard part are copied.

  1. Double-click the Bolts family.

  1. Double-click the EN_ISO_GRADES_A_B_HEXAGON_HEAD_BOLT category.

  1. Double-click the EN ISO 4014 BOLT M8x40 STEEL GRADE A HEXAGON HEAD standard part.

  • The standard part is pasted under the active product.

  • The Catalog dialog box appears with the part representation:

    • Click OK to validate.

    • Click Cancel to choose another part.

  1. Click OK in the Catalog dialog box.

  1. Click Close in the Catalog Browser dialog box.



  Instantiation is based on:
  • reusing CATPart with same Part Number in case of Drag'n'Drop
  • creating a new CATPart (hence with new Part Number) in case of Instantiation and double-click

 When instantiating a Part from a catalog, the behavior is as follows:

  • each Insert creates a new CATPart reference
  • Drag'n'Drop instantiates an existing CATPart with selected Part Number (or creates a new one if there is none)