Displaying the Assembly Mass Properties

This task shows you how to display the assembly mass properties.
The mass property of any assembly component is available from its Properties, in the Mechanical tab. The mass property is also available for component in Visualization mode and you can refine the mass to the main body or all the bodies of a Part component. The mass property is set according to the part material. If any material has not been defined, a density of 1 is taken into account. Density can be saved into cgr documents, see Cgr Management for Density.
  1. Right-click Assembly_01 in the specification tree and select Properties... from the contextual menu.


The Properties dialog box appears.

  1. Select the Mechanical tab.


Three main properties are displayed:

  • Characteristics:

    • Volume

    • Mass

    • Surface

  • Inertia center

  • Inertia matrix


The Only main bodies option allows you to take into account only the main body of the related parts in the assembly, to determine the mechanical properties.

  1. Redo the two previous steps, working with the Visualization mode.

  • The same characteristics and option are displayed.

  • Note that values can be different due that the geometry is not exact in Visualization mode, and has been approximated. A message is displayed in this case.

  1. Click OK.