Refreshing Constraints

This task consists of refreshing constraints.
For constraints pointing published element in a missing component, the constraint's masks remain broken after inserting the missing component. Because there is now way to inform these constraints that the component is back, they cannot be automatically re-evaluated.
  This contextual command is available for:
  • A constraint object: only the selected constraint is refreshed.
  • A constraints node in the specification tree: all constraints in the node are refreshed.
  • A set of constraints: all constraints in the set are refreshed.
Open the Assembly_02.CATProduct document.
  1. Expand the specification tree.


Concidence.3 and Concidence.4 constraints are broken.

  1. Right-click Assembly_02 and select Components > Existing Component... from the contextual menu.
    Select the Sub_Product1.CATProduct document.


Constraint's status still broken.

  1. Right-click Constraints and select Constraints object > Refresh Constraint from the contextual menu.


Constraint's status have been modified. Their status have been re-evaluated to not up to date.