Searching for URLs Associated with Constraints 

This task shows you how to check that a constraint has been assigned URLs (Universal Resource Locators), then how to search for a given URL.
Open the MovingComponents02.CATProduct document that contains URLs created in the Knowledge Advisor workbench. 
  1. Click the Comment and URLs icon:


The URLs and Comment dialog box appears.
The list of all the URLs assigned to all the constraints defined in this CATProduct document is displayed.

  1. Select the constraint Surface contact.18.


The URL field indicates that this constraint has been assigned two URLs:

  • Dassault Systèmes

  • Delmia.

  1. Select Delmia.

  • The associated URL is displayed in the URL field.

  • You just need to click the Go button to access the corresponding web site.


Searching for a URL

  1. Select the Explore tab.

  1. Type the name of the URL to be searched for in the Search field: Delmia

  1. Click Search.


The specified URL is found, "yes" is displayed in the Found column. In the Edit tab, the URL is highlighted.