Viewing and Exporting an MBOM  

The MBOM viewer enables users to see a manufacturing bill of materials (MBOM) generated from a process. This procedure provides two different ways to see the MBOM (via the MBOM viewer and via an XML file).

To generate an MBOM, the user selects an activity or process. The MBOM calculates the outputs of each activity or child activity within the selected process. Children activities have to be linked, i.e. there must be a process flow within the children activities.The final output of the process is the initial node on the MBOM list. The inputs to the final activity (that generated the final output) are the leaves on the MBOM list tree. The penultimate activity's output is the second node on the tree, and the inputs required to achieve that output are the leaves on the tree. This algorithm for depicting the MBOM means that the first input of the first activity becomes the last leaf on the tree.

The Command MBOM Viewer has been extended as of Release R17 to accommodate resources with station-behavior. The display of fasteners in the MBOM Viewer has been extended by the option consumed fasteners only.

Resources with station-behavior

Resources with a station-behavior, such as the DPE plantypes line and station, may have processes as children. For these processes you can call up the command MBOM Viewer, just as you can for processes in the process structure, since the function is identical.


Until the present release, when executing the command MBOM Viewer, all fasteners possible for a linked product were displayed. As of the present release, only the fasteners required by a process to complete the product can be displayed. This refined representation can be called up with the new option Show consumed fasteners only.

To display such fasteners in the MBOM Viewer, you must have selected the option Show consumed fasteners only under Tools > Options > Digital Process for Manufacturing > MBOM and you must have selected at least one of the options under Show fasteners.

Viewing an MBOM



Select the process or sub-process.


Click the MBOM Viewer command . The MBOM appears in a new window (the BOM viewer):

An option provided in Tools > Options > Digital Process for Manufacturing > MBOM determines whether graphics are displayed in the MBOM Viewer.

Selecting a part in the MBOM viewer will highlight it in both the 3D viewer and the PPR tree.

Once the MBOM viewer has been selected for a particular process or portion of a process, changes made to that process (either on the PPR tree or using the product flow viewer) will be reflected in the MBOM.

The kinds of changes that the MBOM viewer records are:

  • Changes to inputs or outputs (additions, deletions, modifications)
  • Changes to the activities within the process (additions, deletions, modifications)

More than one MBOM viewer can be opened at a time. The MBOM viewer only closes when the user explicitly closes it.

Exporting an MBOM to XML



Click the Export MBOM to XML command . A dialog box appears to indicate the location where the output file should be stored:



Browse or accept the default location and then click the OK button.

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