Selecting Bodies

This command is only available with the Generative Shape Design 2 product.

This task shows how to rapidly select a specific Body, whether a Geometrical Set, an Ordered Geometrical Set or PartBody, using the Body Selector. This is especially useful when the specification tree is hidden or too large to be easily manipulated, in the case of a large document for example.

Open the PowerCopyStart1.CATPart document.

  1. From the Tools toolbar, click the arrow on the drop-down list to display the list of Bodies present in the document.

  2. Choose the body you want to work in, from the list.

    The selected body is displayed in the Body Selector's field, and underlined in the specification tree identifying it as the current body.
    • All Bodies are displayed in the list alphabetically, whether they are in Show or No Show mode.
    • This command is equivalent to selecting the Body in the specification tree using the icon, right-clicking it and choosing the Define In Work Object command.
      To rename your Body, you need to follow five steps:
    1. Right-click the object from the specification tree.
    2. Select the Properties contextual command.
    3. Click the Feature Properties tab in the Properties dialog box.
    4. Key in a new Feature Name.
    5. Click OK in the Properties dialog box.