Instantiating Power Copies Using the Catalog

This capability is available with the Wireframe and Surface product providing you have KT1 or PKT licenses.
You need to have a catalog available, created either:
  • using the Catalog capability, see Component Catalog Editor User's Guide
  • using Insert > Knowledge Templates > Save In Catalog... from the menu bar.
  1. Click Catalog Browser .

    If accessing a catalog for the first time, you need to navigate to the catalog location. This location is stored in the settings for faster access later on.
  2. Select the catalog containing the Power Copy you wish to instantiate.

  3. Select the Power Copy to be instantiated, then you can:

    • drag and drop it onto the reference element
    • double-click the Power Copy 
    • or right-click on the Power Copy in the dialog box and use the Instantiate contextual menu.
    From then on, you instantiate the Power Copy as described above starting on step 3.
    The feature defined as the current object corresponds to the last instantiated component of the Power Copy.
    • Working with the datum mode is independent from the instantiation type: indeed Power Copies behave as a Copy as Specified and not as a Copy as Result.
      For further information about the various formats available when pasting elements, please refer to the Using the Paste Special... Command in CATIA Infrastructure User's Guide documentation.
    • A panel allows you to select alternate document access methods.
      See Opening Existing Documents Using the Browse Window in CATIA Infrastructure User's Guide.