Filleting While Keeping an Edge

In this task, you will learn how to fillet an edge using a variable radius value and this without affecting another edge that would have been affected by the fillet operation.



  1. Prior to filleting edges, hide Extrude.2 to improve the view.

  2. Fillet a first edge to obtain at the end of the scenario a part ready for being removed from molds.

  3. Click Edge Fillet .

  4. Fillet the the edge as shown using 4mm as the radius value and setting the Tangency propagation mode.

You obtain this result:

  1. To create the variable radius fillet, click Variable Fillet .

The Variable Edge Fillet dialog box appears.

  1. Select the edge as shown:

  2. Click the point at the right extremity.

  3. Enter 15mm in the Radius field to edit the radius value at this point.

  4. Click Preview to get an idea of what the fillet will look like.


  5. Click the point at the other extremity.

  6. Enter 5mm in the Radius field to edit the radius value at that point.

  7. Click Preview.

    The preview lets you see that an edge is affected by the fillet. In the image below, the cursor shows you this edge.

  8. To preserve this edge from the fillet operation, click More from the dialog box.

    You can access aditional options.

  9. Click the Edges to keep field.

  10. Select the edge you do not want to fillet. It becomes pink.

  11. Click OK to confirm.

    The variable radius fillet is created. The fillet is trimmed by the kept edge, as shown by the cursor:

  12. Using the Graphic Properties capabilities, color the fillet to make it more visible.

    The final part looks like this: