How Does CATIA Instant Collaborative Design Work?

The following scheme aims at illustrating how the Instant Collaborative Design application works.


The CATIA Instant Collaborative Design application is based on a 3-layer system.

  • Storage layer: The first layer is made up of the ENOVIA Vault Server (1) and of the ENOVIA LCA Server (2). The physical data (briefcases created by the users) are stored in the ENOVIA vault (1).
    Sharing data (design collaboration data, and workspaces, data concerning which briefcase belongs to which workspace) are stored in the ENOVIA LCA database (2).
  • Communicating layer: The second layer made up of the WebSphere (3) and the Domino (4) servers, enables the ENOVIA Vault Server (1), and the ENOVIA LCA Server (2) to communicate with CATIA (5). Websphere is dedicated to the collaboration, whereas the Domino server is designed to the connectivity.
  • Design layer: The last layer made up of CATIA (5) enables the user to create Design.