Defining a Direction for the Slider Area

This task shows you how to define a pulling direction for a surface that is a slider area or a loose core.
  1. Click Slider Lifter Direction .

  2. Drag the compass into the middle of the hole in the pink face so as to define the pulling axis for the slider area like this:

    You could also enter the coordinates for the direction in the dialog box like this:

    The pink surface has turned yellow. If you zoom in you see the walls of the hole are still blue.

  3. In the dialog box:

    • select Locked to lock the pulling direction,

    • select Local Transfer to activate this functionality,

    • in the first list, select Slider/Lifter as the destination area,

    • in the second list select Point continuity as the propagation type.

  4. Pick one blue face, this will select the second as well since they are continuous.

    They turn yellow since they belong now to the Slider/Lifter area.

  5. Click OK. The Slider/Lifter.1 element is created.
    It contains the Surface.6 created from Surface.4 taken from Other.1
    and Surface.5 taken from NoDraft_1deg.1.