Synchronizing Part Families


This task explains how to synchronize part families.

You synchronize part families via the same user interface as you synchronize chapters. The steps are exactly the same, except that you select part families instead of chapters before invoking the dialog box.

In order to synchronize a Part Family defined with a generic part, the generic part must have been saved  after having been synchronized with its design table.

The ALL_FASTENERS.catalog should be opened.
  1. In the Catalog tree, select the part families to be synchronized.

  2. In the Data toolbar, click the Synchronize Chapters icon .
    The Synchronize Chapters dialog box appears.

  3. Click the Synchronize button.
    The selected part families are synchronized.
    The results of the synchronization appear in the Synchronization report.

Note: The Propagate to sub-catalogs option does not apply to part family synchronization. It only concerns chapter synchronization.