Creating a Panel Using an IDF File

This task explains how to create a panel by importing an IDF (3.0) file.
A panel is an optional file used for manufacturing information exchange (IDF 3.0 only).
aprereq.gif (1223 bytes) You are working with the Circuit Board Design workbench.
  1. Select File > Open .
    The File Selection dialog box opens.

  2. Select the samplepanel.idf file.
    The Circuit Board Design Import dialog box opens:

    Note that:

    • an IDF file only contains the description of one panel or one board.
    • when the panel import file also refers to a board, the board part number is indicated in the file. The Edit Links icon is enabled to let you find the board import files.
  3. Click Edit Links .
    The Circuit Board Design dialog box opens:

  4. Browse using to locate the board import files:

    • Sampleboardfile.idf
    • Sampleboard.lib

    When done the respective lights turn green.

  5. Click OK to validate the Links window.
    You come back to the Circuit Board Design dialog box.

  6. Navigate using to locate the panel library file: Samplepanel.lib.

    When done the Library light turns green.
    The dialog box looks like this:
  7. Click OK to validate.
    The status bar indicates the import progression.

    The result looks like this:
ainfo.gif (980 bytes)
  • You can use catalog files for both the panel and board imports, if need be.
  • You can import patterned pads from IDF files.

ainfo.gif (980 bytes)