Pattern Design
for Hole or Cutout

This task shows you how to create a pattern for holes or cutouts.
Patterns are often used for mounting purpose.
This feature is available on both the board and manufacturing panel.
aprereq.gif (1223 bytes) Open a new CATProduct document and create a board.
  1. Select the Hole button to create the hole to be patterned.

  2. Select the Rectangular Pattern button .

  3. Select the hole to pattern.
    The Rectangular Pattern Definition dialog box opens.

  4. Enter the following values for the first direction:

    • Instances: 6
    • Spacing: 10mm
    • Reference Direction: select the bottom edge (Edge.1)
    • Reverse the direction.

  5. Enter the following values for the second direction:

    • Instances: 2
    • Spacing: 20mm
    • Reference Direction: select the left edge (Edge.2)
  6. Click OK to validate.

    The pattern is added to the specification tree and the result looks like this:
Note that the properties of the original hole (or cutout) are extended to the pattern.
ainfo.gif (980 bytes) For more information about patterns, refer to CATIA - Part Design.