CATIA-DMU Space Analysis

The strong integration with CATIA-DMU V5 Space Analysis allows you to complete the analysis of the electronic assembly in the context of the full digital product definition.

This feature is available for both the board and the manufacturing panel.
Open the Scenario3.idf file and the corresponding Scenario3.lib file from the samples folder.
An Assembly Product document is generated.
Then add the existing component (BOTTOM).

Scen3Bottom.gif (6571 bytes)

  1. Choose the DMU Space Analysis item  homelogospa.gif (871 bytes) from the Start menu.

  2. Perform a Check Clash using this button I_ClashP2.gif (348 bytes).
    db_dmuclashNLS.gif (43532 bytes)

The Preview window shows the clash:

db_ClashPreviewNLS.gif (20758 bytes)

The analysis reveals a clash. You can:

  • either change the location of the component respecting the geometrical constraints
  • or create a mechanical constraint area taking the clash into account; then transmit the information to the ECAD system in order to integrate it into the placing/routing algorithm.

For more information about DMU Space Analysis capabilities, refer to CATIA-DMU Space Analysis User's Guide.