Filter on Holes During Import

This task explains the different ways to import holes according to your need and to reduce the processing time.
This feature is available on both the board and the manufacturing panel.
  1. Open an idf file containing holes.
    The Circuit Board Design Import window opens.

    The different holes options are:
    • Draw only: the holes are not drilled but the contour is displayed in the geometry (default option)
    • Drill all: the holes are drilled.
    • Custom:
      • Drill only mounting (MNTG) and tooling (TLG) holes: only mounting and tooling holes are drilled, other holes are displayed.
      • Diameter limit: drills the holes which diameter is superior to the given value.
      • User rule: gives access to the rule editor.
        To know how to write a rule, refer to CATIA - Knowledge Advisor User's Guide
  2. Select the option of interest, in our case: Draw only.

  3. Click OK to validate.

    The import is performed and the result looks like this: