Opening an IDF File

This task explains how to import data from an IDF file.
This feature is available on both the board and manufacturing panel.

ascenari.gif (1364 bytes)

  1. Open the Magneto.idf document from the samples folder.
    The Circuit Board Design Import window opens.

    The .idf file contains the location of the components in the circuit board assembly.

    You can also use a library and/or a catalog to get a better geometry of the components:

    • the .lib file contains the 2D footprint geometry of the components
    • the .catalog contains the 3D (exact) geometry of the components.

    However, none of these two files are mandatory.

    You can choose between several alternatives:

    • open a library only: the 3D geometry is extruded from the 2D geometry

    • open a library and use a catalog: refer to Import with Catalog

    • open no library and no catalog, the component has no associated geometry.

  2. Fill up the library field using and select the Magneto.lib file.

    The light shows, according to a color code:

    • if the file is mandatory, the light is red I_RedLightP2.gif (234 bytes)
    • if the file is optional, the light is yellow I_YellowLightP2.gif (261 bytes)
    • if your selection is valid, the light turns green. I_GreenLightP2.gif (239 bytes)
  3. Click OK to validate.

    The Status bar indicates the progression.
    The result looks as follows.