Automatic Recognition
in Assembly Context

This task illustrates how Circuit Board features are automatically recognized.
Open the Scenario2.CATProduct document.
It contains a part with a pad, holes and a pocket.
  1. Double-click to activate Part1.

  2. Click Create Board I_Board.gif (404 bytes).
    You are prompted to select a pad for the board representation.

  3. Select Pad.1.
    The board turns green.

  4. Right-click the instance of the board: Part1 (Part1.1)and select the Properties item.
    Click More... . Select the board or the holes in the specification tree.

    The objects (board and holes) have automatically acquired technological properties:
  5. Select Export I_Export.gif (418 bytes).
    The Export dialog box pops up. Select an IDF file.
    A board is recognized, all the related features are taken into account and exported to the IDF file.

  6. Open the .idf file as a text file. It looks like this: