Interface Description

On the right side of the window, two tabs are available:





The Behaviors tab displays the attributes and behaviors associated with the technological types. 

The technological type is located at the top of the tree. Its attributes located below the Attributes node follow and then the behaviors associated with this type.

In the example opposite, the Driver type has the following attributes: 

  • L40
  • FootAngle
  • XPosition
  • YPosition
  • ZPosition
  • AnkleAngle
  • KneeAngle
  • HipAngle
  • HeelHipDistance

4 combinations of behaviors:

  • Generate geometry
  • Generate indirect field of view for classic mirror
  • Generate indirect field of view for planar mirror
  • Check driver position
The Attributes tab displays the inherited and the local attributes associated with the technological type.

The inherited attributes are the attributes inherited by the type from its "super type". In the example opposite, the Driver type inherits the following attributes: 

  • Percentile
  • L40
  • FootAngle
  • AnkleAngle

The Local attributes are the attributes added to the type (XPosition in the example opposite).

To add an attribute to a type, click this type in the specification tree, then click the Add Attribute Icon () in the Behaviors management toolbar. 

The Attribute value field enables you to value the attribute.

The Delete button enables you to delete local attributes.