• Modification of the BKT Attributes Relative Path: Until V5R16, when a BKT type was instantiated several times in the same product, you could not tell one variable L40 of a driver type from another L40 of another driver type. To fix this problem, the relative path to access variables of a BKT type was modified: `Driver (Driver_Part.1)\L40`. The name of the instance has been added to make sure that you access the correct variable. An environment variable has been created in order to provide you with a smooth migration.
    • If you valuate the OLD_BKT_VARIABLES_NAMING variable, types parameters will be named in R16 like in R15.
    • If you have already created applications, we recommend you to set the above variable to make sure that everything runs fine and then to remove it.
  • Separating Technological Types From Documents: The link between a typed document and the .CATfct used to type it does not exist any longer. Before V5R15, there was a link between the document containing types and behaviors and the .CATfct used to generate the workbench. As a consequence, if the .CATfct was removed from the <CATGraphicPath> directory, the types and behaviors of the document were not available and the mention "deprecated type" was displayed.
    Now the link between the .CATfct file and the typed document does not exist any longer. If the .CATfct used to generate the workbench is not located in the <CATGraphicPath> directory, a symbol is displayed on the root of the document. The typed product can be transmitted to another user without the .CATfct file.