Knowledge Certify Behavior: Data Sheet  

Accessing this behavior This behavior can be accessed by clicking the Knowledge Certify Behavior icon () in the Knowledge toolbar.
Describing this behavior This behavior is designed to enable you to
  • apply a rule base and
  • specify the validation steps of your design and to automate its execution.
MORE INFORMATION  To reuse existing rule bases, you can save them into catalogs. A FilterCatalog behavior will therefore be located before this behavior in the sequence.
It is possible to define rule bases containing technological objects as well as their attributes. These rule bases are defined in CATPart, and CATProduct documents and saved in catalogs. For more information, see Knowledge Expert User's Guide.
Note that this behavior has 2 output features:
  • The Report: Report generated after running the rule base.
  • Status: Red icon in the specification tree if the check failed or green if the check ran correctly. This status can be tested by other behaviors and enables you to drive the design accordingly.
Using this Behavior Interface

Name: Name attributed to the behavior.
Comment: Comment attributed to the behavior.
Define knowledge base Rule base Indicate the "Rule Base to use" generally valuated by the output feature of the catalog.
Logical resource to open Arm path When working in an ARM environment, click ARM Browser to navigate to the ARM catalog that contains the rule base and select this rulebase. For more information about ARM, see CATIA Infrastructure User's Guide.
Feature to certify Object Click in the Behaviors tree to select the output link of bind object, bind part or bind UDF behaviors. It is the object to which the rulebase will apply: "Object to check".

For more information To see an example, see Using the Knowledge Certify Behavior. Note that the report is displayed only if the rule base contains at least one check.