Large Files and High Memory Usage


Large Files

When previewing or printing large documents with a high resolution, the generation of such output might reach the system limits. In this case, a warning message is displayed and provides a list of actions which might help you to solve this.
Among these actions, note that "Choosing a custom quality" is displayed only if the Rendering quality factor has not been set to Customized.

High Memory Usage

Printing large documents using a raster driver might lead to allocation problems.

When does it happen?

Printing a large document with a high resolution using a raster driver requires an important amount of memory. Therefore, it might be impossible to generate such a raster output if the available memory is not sufficient.

How to solve this?

The printing process tries to use the dpi value defined in the raster driver's printing settings and checks if memory allocation is possible before printing.

If no memory allocation is possible, then a warning message is displayed. The message informs you that the memory allocation failed because of a too high dpi value and you have three options:

  • click Abort to stop the printing process.
  • click Retry to use the maximum computed dpi value instead. The computed value is displayed in the warning message.
  • click Ignore to use the initial dpi value.