3D XML Format



3D XML (EXtensible Markup Language) is a universal, lightweight, XML-based format that enables users to capture and share live, accurate 3D data quickly and easily.
3D XML compresses highly complex data, provides rapid file transmission and shorter load times while maintaining the exact geometry of the files exchanged.

Unlike existing formats, 3D XML is fully based on standard XML. Therefore, any software program will be able to read, write, and enrich 3D XML content using standard tools.

With 3D XML, the use of sophisticated 3D graphics is no longer restricted to engineering departments. These graphics can now easily be incorporated into technical documentation, maintenance manuals, marketing brochures, websites, email communications and many other everyday uses.

You can download the XSDs reference schemas and the 3D XML user's guide. This guide provides you with the essential information for understanding and using the 3D XML language. The purpose of this guide is to help you write an entire document or insert your writing into an existing document.
To ask for a documentation, browse the following Internet site:

http://www.3ds.com/3dxml then choose Download 3D XML XSD.


3D XML Player

The 3D XML Player incorporates advanced ergonomics features. This tool lets you visualize the 3D XML content, review your virtual products using cross highlight selection between geometry and immersive product list.

To download the 3D XML Player (and access more specific information), browse the following Internet site:

http://www.3ds.com/3dxml then choose 3D XML Player.


Interactive functionalities

You can also use the interactive functionalities listed below:

Opening 3D XML documents

Version 5 lets you open documents in 3D XML format by selecting File > Open. For more information, refer to Opening Existing Documents.

Inserting 3D XML documents

You can insert a 3D XML file into an existing CATProduct by selecting Insert > Existing Component. For more information on this command, refer to "Inserting Components" in the Version 5 - DMU Navigator User's Guide.

Saving documents in 3D XML format

Version 5 lets you save CATProducts in 3D XML format by selecting File > Save As. For more information, refer to Saving Documents In Other Formats.

Defining 3D XML Settings via Tools > Options

Some settings dedicated to 3D XML are provided in the 3D XML tab to let you define options such as the export accuracy or the visualization format.