Copying Images to the Clipboard (Windows Only)

This task explains how to copy images from the album to the clipboard, for integration into OLE-compliant application documents.
  1. Select Tools > Image > Album to display the album.

  2. Select the images to be copied to the clipboard.

  3. Right-click then select Copy.

    The selected image is copied to the clipboard, from where it can then be pasted into another application document (for example, a word processing package).

    Note that depending on the image format you select, Copy might be grayed out. This is the case when right-clicking a MPEG or AVI file, for instance.

  4. Paste the image into the external application.

    In our example, the selected image has been pasted into Microsoft Word:
You paste data into OLE-compliant documents using either the Paste or Paste Special contextual command:
  • Paste simply copies the data into the OLE-compliant application
  • Paste Special offers two modes: you can either paste (embed) the data as normal, or link the copied data to its source.

For general information about linking and embedding data from Version 5 documents in OLE-compliant applications, refer to Using Version 5 Data in OLE-Compliant Applications.