About Printing, Capturing Images and the Album


A certain number of identical functions are available in different parts of the software:
  • you can print documents, capture and print images directly from the Capture toolbar, or print images from the album
  • you can preview documents prior to printing, or preview images in the album
  • you can save images to other formats using the Capture toolbar or the album
  • you can copy images to the clipboard using the Capture toolbar or the album.

The fact that these functions are shared to make it easy to use the print, capture and album functions together.

For more information about capturing images and using the album, refer to Capturing and Managing Images for the Album.


Things to Know About Printing

  • The rotation of black and white images is not taken into account by the Print functionality. This means that black and white images are plotted without any rotation and with a modified scale, even though the rotation is visible in the document window.
    This can happen, for instance, when inserting an image in a rotated view using the Interactive Drafting product.
  • Reference information is provided in Printing, Capturing, and Saving.