About the Properties Command


  The Properties command lets you access the properties (graphic, mechanical, drafting, piping, etc.) of an object. This object can be a feature (such as a pad), a body, a part, and so on.

To display the properties of an object, first select the object, either in the geometry area or in the specification tree, then select Edit > Properties (or press ALT+Enter) or right-click then select Properties.

A Properties dialog box similar to the one below is displayed:

The various properties available for the selected object are grouped together in several tabs according to their category.
In our example, when selecting a part body, we can access the following tabs: Feature Properties, Graphic and Mechanical.
Note that you can use special characters for the Feature Name. In that case, a warning message is displayed.
  As explained above, the name and number of tabs displayed in the Properties dialog box varies according to the type of object you select. For instance, when accessing the properties of a sheet, the Properties dialog box looks like this:
  All these tabs are detailed in the user's guides of the workbenches in which they are implemented. Regarding the example below, the Sheet tab is detailed in the Version 5 - Interactive Drafting User's Guide.

About the More... button

Some applications, Drafting for example, do not display all available tabs in the Properties dialog box when it is first displayed. Click the More... button to access any other tabs. A progress bar appears:

  You can either wait until more properties are displayed (and this may take a long time), or interrupt the command by clicking Cancel.
If interrupted, the Properties dialog box returns to its original state, i.e. as if More... had not been clicked.
In both cases (interruption or not), More... then disappears:

About the Define other properties... button

You can also add properties to a .CATPart or a .CATProduct document by clicking Define other properties... displayed in the Product tab. This tab is displayed only when displaying the properties of a part or a product.
Clicking this button opens the following dialog box:

  For detailed information on this dialog box, refer to "Modifying Component Properties" in the Version 5 - Product Structure User's Guide.

About preselected objects

Note that when displaying the properties of a preselected object (for instance, you point at an object in the specification tree without clicking it then press ALT+Enter), the Properties command lets you access the object properties but OK and Apply are grayed out as shown below:

  This means that even if the values contained in the dialog box can be modified, you will not be able to apply your modifications to the preselected object.