Adding Extra PostScript Fonts


This section explains how to add extra PostScript Type 1 fonts. A large choice of PostScript or TrueType fonts is available from Bitstream Inc. ( You can address questions about ordering Bitstream fonts to:

  1. Copy the new fonts to your Version 5 environment in:


    where "install_root" is the installation folder (Windows) or directory (UNIX).

    For Type 1 fonts, the following files are required:
    • ".pfb" or ".pfa" font files
    • ".afm" and ".inf" files.
    To achieve enhanced font visualization (Windows only), if the associated TrueType font does not exist, you can ask the system to generate it from the PostScript files (the following file types are needed: .pfb, .afm, .inf).
  2. To do so, select Start > Settings > Control Panel, double-click Fonts, then select File > Install > New Font.

  3. Select the font, and when prompted, check the three options, notably the first option in the dialog box: Convert Type1 to TrueType, then click OK.

    If an agreement exists between the font supplier and Microsoft, the system will then generate the corresponding TrueType font. If not, the font will not be generated.
  4. Edit the file:


    to map the PostScript file name with the full name of the TrueType equivalent. The "full name" refers to the name of the font visible when selecting Start > Settings > Control Panel then double-clicking Fonts.

If you already have the TrueType fonts, you can simply install them. To do so, select Start > Settings > Control Panel, double-click the Fonts control, then select File > Install > New Font and select the fonts to be installed.