Customizing User Interface Fonts on UNIX


This task explains how to customize user interface fonts on UNIX.
  1. Go to the directory:


    where "Install_directory" is the root installation directory you chose when installing the software.

    If you installed the software at the default location, you would go to the following directory:

    /usr/Dassault Systemes/Bn/OS_a/resources/msgcatalog

    (where n is the current release number)

    if you are using the English language. A subdirectory is provided for each language supported. Go to the appropriate subdirectory if you are using a language other than English.

  2. Edit the file named "Dialog". 

    The "Dialog" file contains resource declarations for fonts (and foreground and background colors) for certain user interface components. The file is delivered at installation and is ready for use as is.

    Note that you can declare Motif fonts only.

  3. Customize the last line of each user interface component declaration if you want to change the font and the font size.

  4. If you have a Version 5 session open, exit the session and restart to see the changes take effect.

Make sure you exported the LANG variable for the desired locale before restarting a session.