About Power Input Mode

Power input mode is a user-friendly productivity assistant allowing you to:
  • enter numeric data more easily in editable fields and spinners (but cannot be used in combo lists); as such, it is intended as an alternative to typing values in dialog boxes (dialog boxes are however still available)
  • enter commands directly (by typing the c: followed by the name of the command)
  • entering selection queries using the query language available when using Edit > Search.

Power input is available in certain (but not all) application commands. Note also that prefixes used to run commands or selection queries vary according to the language. For information on prefixes dedicated to languages other than English, refer to the documentation written in the language you are interested in.

To activate power input mode, select Tools > Options, click the General tab, and click the P2 option, then restart your session.

  The power input box is located in the bottom right corner of the status bar: