Setting Up the Server

This task explains a suggested method (not mandatory) for setting up the server. It involves copying the Version 5 software to a directory from which you set up a Version 5 installation server used to easily distribute the software to other UNIX workstations. This avoids having to install the software from the CD-ROM on each workstation.

We have chosen the AIX platform for the purposes of this scenario.

  When setting up the server you can:
  • copy all the software into the same folder (as illustrated above)
  • or, given that the software is distributed on several CDs ( 1, 2 ...), copy the contents of each CD into a separate folder for each CD, making sure that the name of each folder corresponds to the CD number ( 1, 2 ...) etc.
1. Log on as root onto the UNIX workstation to be used as the server.

The name of the server, in our example above, is "ravel".

2. Insert the CD-ROM into the drive on the server.

3. Check whether the CD-ROM drive is declared.

4. Check whether the CD-ROM drive is mounted, and mount the CD-ROM drive, if necessary.

5. Copy the contents of the CD-ROM to a directory you already created.

For the purpose of our example, the name of the directory is:


6. Go to the directory as follows:

cd /usr/my_Version5_software_directory

You are now ready to perform an installation of Version 5 from this directory.

7. To start the installation, enter the command:


and follow the instructions provided by the program.

For the purposes of this scenario, when you are prompted to choose a destination directory in the Choose Destination Location dialog box, choose the default installation directory:


For detailed information about the start command, refer to Start Command Syntax.

You are now ready to distribute Version 5 to other workstations on your network.

You could also export the CD-ROM directory itself in read only mode.