Running in Demo Mode

This task explains how to run Version 5 in demo mode.
You must have already registered either one demonstration license, or at least one configuration license (which automatically provides access to the demo mode).

What Is Demo Mode?

Running in demo mode lets you use all the features of all the configurations and/or products installed, apart from the few exceptions listed below.

In demo mode:

  • the automatic save (roll) mechanism is deactivated.
  • you can open only specially marked Version 4 or Version 5 demo documents, and you cannot save them
  • you can create new documents, but you cannot save them
  • you cannot embed Version 5 documents in OLE documents
  • you cannot open Version 5 documents using OLE technology
  • on Windows, the clipboard is unavailable for cutting, copying and pasting
  • you cannot record or execute macros.

Note that when running a normal (non-demo) session, you can read specially marked Version 4 or Version 5 demo documents, and save them as non-demo documents.

By default, demo mode is not activated.

1. Display the License Manager.

The License Manager is displayed automatically after starting Version 5 (either for the first time, or each time you start a session until you reserve a license). You can also display it by selecting the Tools->Options... command, then the Licensing tab in the General category.

2. Check the Demo Mode option, and click OK.

A message informs you to restart your session.

3. Click OK and restart.

The Version 5 application window is opened in demo mode.

Display of Licenses in Demo Mode

In demo mode, in the Shareable Products tab, certain products listed in the List of Products granted Using Licensing tab area are displaced and displayed erroneously in the List of Shareable Products.